Monday, July 16, 2012

Little Good Things

July 16, 2012
Lately I have not felt like a good mommy.  Or a good wife.  Or a very good Christian.  I am burned out and worn out and ready to give up.  And then, a “little good thing” happens.  And I count my blessings and try to remember that how I feel is just being selfish.  Like tonight after supper.  The girls helped clear the table and went outside for one last play before supper.  And Mommy was feeling worn out, so she put the supper dishes and ‘one last load of laundry’ aside for a few minutes, and followed.  I sat on the edge of the pond with my feet propped on the other side, and just watched and listened for a little while.  The miracle of life occurred again last week, and all the fish eggs that were stuck to the filter are now little black and brown minnows scooting around.  Our one lonely fat goldfish darted here and there.  The girls squabbled over who was a princess, knight, or other royal character as big sister helped everyone find brooms for horses and spent daylily branches for swords.  “Help me braid a crown out of this clover, Sis”, the middle sister called.  Then, I saw him, hiding among the vines I had thrown into the pond to keep them alive after pulling them out when I was weeding 2 weeks ago.  A big fat bright green frog with bulgy eyes and a black stripe down his back.  “Girls, come look!  See him? “  He’s camouflaged so well by a Wise Creator. “Catch him, Mommy” So Mommy reaches for him, only to have him jump back under the water.  The day has really been full of “little good things” when I stop to think about it and be thankful.  Big Sister found some ripe blackberries down by the willow.  “These are sweeter than the raspberries a few weeks ago, Mom.”  The gorgeous bouquet of wild mint, and Queen Anne’s Lace, and other assorted weeds that adorned the meal table.  The supper of meatballs made from home grown beef, accompanied by homegrown squash and herbs and tomatoes.  The snuggly Little Sister and Toddler brother who push their way into Momma’s arms when she’s too busy for hugs and kisses, reminding her of what is truly important.  The Psalm that started the day, reassuring Momma of God’s love and care, “because He knows we are but dust” (103).     

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