Saturday, February 16, 2013


Feb 16, 2013
Well, it's February, and you know what that means?? LUAU!!  Yup! It's a tradition in our household that there HAS to be a luau sometime in February.  Sometimes it is for Groundhog Day.  Sometimes it's how we celebrate Valentine's or President's Day.  Sometimes we invite friends, but usually it is just the 7 of us.  It is just a little way to help beat the winter blues and cabin fever.  Sometimes we have an EXTRAVAGANT true-to-Hawaii meal, sometimes it's simply hot dogs and hamburgers with decorations.
 Our 2013 Feast

So, here are some tips to starting your own winter-busting tradition.
1. First, pick up some cheap decorations during the late summer when they are on clearance.  I buy up beach themed plates, napkins, wall hangings, grass skirts, etc at the end of the summer for 25 or 50 cents a package.  (Fourth of July decor that is bought on the fifth works for President's Day or Election Day themed parties, too.)

2. Plan your menu.  A simple menu might be: Hamburgers & hot dogs, fruit cocktail with a can of pineapple chunks and a can of mandarin oranges mixed in, a veggie platter and homemade ranch dip, and chips.  We like to drink "Margaritas" or "Pina Coladas".  (As the situation arises, I explain to my children that these are made without alcohol, and remind them that we are to be controlled by the Spirit and not drugs and mind-altering substances.)

Easy Margaritas
1 can frozen limeade concentrate
2-3 trays ice cubes
1-2 cans water
Blend in blender until slushy.  Serve immediately in tall glasses with straws, or plastic margarita cups.

Fun Pina Coladas
1 can frozen pineapple concentrate
¼- 1/2  coconut cream (you might have to go to the alcohol aisle for this)
2-3 trays ice cubes
1-2 cans water
(Opt) Juice from the canned fruit you are serving
Blend in blender until slushy.  Serve immediately in tall glasses with straws and tea-spoons.

3. Dress up!  Break out your shorts and ugly Hawaiian shirt or sundress.  Slip on your flip-flops.  Slip a lei around your neck.  Put flowers in your hair.  And be sure to crank up the heat to 80 degrees!
Hula Girls

4. Music.  I have a Pandora station set specifically for when I need to be in a “sunny mood” complete with Beach Boys and other great oldies, as well as Hawaiian music.  You can buy, beg, or borrow a CD by the Beach Boys, Temptations, or Drifters.  A recording by Don Ho or Darlene Ahuna will give such an authentic Hawaiian f eel to your party that you might just forget that it is snowing outside!

 And there you have the makings of a fun party that will help break up the Winter and add some Sunshine to tide you over until Spring finally comes.  

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